A company’s name, slogan, logo, colors and web iterface are all elements that help contain its corporate identity.
Your business should have a unique identity!
Business strategy must be comprehensible easily by imagination.
We can brand your business to make you surpass your competitors.

    We explore your goals and preferences wishes far and wide
    We express visually what is really important (after summarizing and categorizing the goals)
    We represent to you, consider your opinions, and fulfill your wishes

We believe in success!
    And we don’t stop until you are happy and that is why we are sure we you will be 100% satisfied!



     What is a good web-design? Our customeris decide themselves. We can only make recommendations. consider our clients as our partners. And in a good partnership, best results happens.

     We always think about site visitors!
     Our approach to design is simple: information & Design must be closely linked, but the simpler is better!
    — Antoine de Saint-Exupery:  It seems that perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away.  (Terre des hommes)

Website designing

    24-hour local and global attendance
    Сost-efficient and infinite marketing
    Real time connection and interaction

     When we build your site we hope to be proud of our work. It must not only to meet your requirements but our own quality standards. Cross browser compatibility checks, code validations, quality assurance, and more.

     So you can visit our portfolio and make the decision!

Site Upgrading

     Quite often customers there is a need to develop or upgrade their online presence.

     We will certainly put you move from task. Note that it would be better if the development work of the project will hold its primary developer. Sometimes spending time researching the finished code superior to those that could be spent on drafting from scratch. In any case - our principles of openness allows us to present the essence of customer decisions made, and continue to act in concert.

Search engine optimization

    Search engine optimization is based on ranking algorithms knowledge of search engines and social statistics - which queries users enter into the search line.
    Strategy development - the minimum resources for maximum effect.
    Internal optimization - what prevents site to be in the lead?
    External optimization - enhancing the reputation of the site in the eyes of search engines.
    Support the optimization results - few get in the top, it is important to keep.


What are your price ranges and how do you charge?

  Design-Extra’s pricing is simple and transparent. So below is what we typically charge for all of project types based on our standard business process.
We respect our clients’ money and time so we do not charge per number of pages nor based on the size of the company. All in our packages - please view.
If you are not sure about your requirements, just let us know.
We will be happy to assist you!

And what is our payment policy?
For all projects: when work starts - 50% . Before programming starts - 25%, by deployment of completed project - remaining 25%.

 Sometimes we are asked about doing work before we are paid. Please note that this is not even an option. Would you like to pursue our reasons.
Regarding payment methods you will find us flexible.
We accept credit cards, cash, and bank transfer.
If you are unclear which services you require, just let us know.
We will be happy to assist you!

Can I use my preferred web host but have the site built by you? Do you provide hosting too?

This would be possible, of course. We like to play fair so once our job is done you are free to put your source code wherever best for you.

Hositg? Yes of course! Nevertheless only to clients who hire us to develop or modify their websites. We do not provide “pure hosting services” and yet we can certainly guide you or eventually help to setup your hosting, email accounts, database, etc.

What services do you offer?

Here is a list of our services:

    Identity Building
    Web Design
    Logo Design
    Search Engine Optimization
    Consultancy and Support

To learn more about each service, please see our services page.

What if I want to upgrade or change website that has been developed by another studios?

Yes, we do the work on websites developed by others. However, such work requires much more time and energy.

If I don’t know what my exact requirements are. Can I hope for help?

Yes of course, we will help you and it is for free!  Let us know and we’ll be glad to help you within 24 working hours.

How can I review your work samples?

Easily and simply. We propose you to have a look at Design-Extra portfolio page . There you can have an opinion about our works.

What technologies do you work with?

We work on open-source technologies. Specific technologies are HTML, PHP, MySQL etc.
We are using freely available open source CMS's.

In case we feel that we cannot do the job for whatever reason we are upfront about it. Ethics, Quality and Transparency drives our business!

Do you optimize websites for search engines?

Actually, all our sites include FREE basic search engine optimization.
We can execute advanced SEO too. For advanced SEO we have different packages depending on your targeted keywords, your current web site code, etc.
Let us know and we will be happy to explain in detail!

Did you sign a contract to perform work?

Yes, of course. It makes our business transparent, safe and organized. With each project, we always offer: detailed proposal on the results, the amount of work, the time and money. Account. Non-disclosure agreement. Terms and Conditions. Schedule.

Did not find the answers?

In case you have not found any answers here or you have more inquiries to ask, please feel free to drop us a message and we will contact you back very soon.

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